Dr. Brigitte Roth
Austria Guide

Your guide

I was born and raised in Vienna where I have been working as a licensed City Guide in six languages for more than 30 years. I love to point out how our history is linked to the one of your country and I am passionate about informing my clients in a down to earth yet fun and factual manner.

Tourist guide

My path

Whilst studying history, art history, languages and tourism at the University of Vienna and completing my PhD in 1991 I discovered my love of being a tour guide which of course still exists.

In my tours I offer a large spectrum of classical highlights, “special themes” and insider tips. Your time frame and personal interest determine the program and I can offer you some tour ideas as a gift for family, friends or colleagues.

Additionally I can be your “guardian angel” for a trip of various days through Austria or neighboring countries.

In collaboration with the Vienna Tourist Board I have done special programs with media representatives, TV teams and tour operators from various countries giving lectures in history and culture.


My hobbies are: literature, hiking, swimming, Yoga and of course travelling. Whenever possible I spend time with my family- my husband, our daughter and a cat

I am happy to welcome you in Vienna!